Not That Kind of Pastor

I’m not what most people would consider a “real” pastor.

I have no desire to manage the faith or spirituality of anyone else. I trust the Holy Spirit to do that.

I have no desire to “grow a church” or oversee countless programs or committees. Real discipleship doesn’t seem to happen in a classroom.

I have no desire to “defend the faith” or fight a culture war that separates us from neighbors we are meant to love.

I believe that Jesus is the Word of God and He didn’t write a book. The book we have, while certainly unique, was gathered and accumulated over centuries as documented by human beings. God lets His (often confused) children tell the story. It’s not a rule book or manual for human existence. I believe the Bible is an invitation to know God for ourselves as we encounter Him in prayer, creation, and within our neighbors.

I don’t believe that church is a building or even an organization. It’s a family. And God’s family seems to be as dysfunctional as most other families.

Revolution Church will never be a place where people come to learn to follow a divine code of conduct or to learn Bible principles leading to a successful life. God’s not a formula. He’s a Father.

Instead, Revolution is a community where hungry people, from all walks of life, can find a seat with their name on it at Jesus’ table-a table where every hungry person is welcome and every hungry person belongs. Around His table, we encounter Jesus, His Gospel, and His love. We hear His call to love and serve our neighbors, the poorest among us, and even our enemies. We’re all on a journey from fear to faith as we learn to embrace the love that purges us of our pain and insecurities and leads us into the light of Christ.

So I don’t care if you’re black, Latino, Asian, Native American, or white. I don’t care if you’re male, female, trans, or undeclared. I don’t care if you’re gay or straight.

To me, the only question is, “Are you hungry?”

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